Sunday, September 18, 2011


Television talking heads; newspaper editorial columns; letters to the editor. It’s the same left wing craziness over and over. There must be some central think-tank for half baked ideas from which this nonsense is distributed at 3 AM through encrypted email, secret notes, and pneumatic tubes, a web of misinformation designed to distract the minds of America with implausible silliness.

There is so much to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start.

1) Republicans and the Tea Party want to protect the rich. ( I love this one) Yep, they found us out. All of the millions of blue collar conservatives across the U.S. sit around planning on how to make sure that millionaires continue to have piles of moolah. We may not know these people at all, but shucks, we love them so much! It doesn’t matter to us what else is sacrificed for the future of country. American corporate tax rates are second highest in the world and drive our jobs overseas. Tax the rich: it couldn’t be profligate governmental spending. We’ll try keeping tax rates low only because we adore them rich folk. But wait! All the super rich like Bill Gates, George Soros, Warren Buffet, and the Hollywood fat cats are behind the Democrats. What’s that about?

2) Republicans want to balance the budget on the backs of the poor. (Corollary of #1) Liberal/Progressives (yes, we know you’re the same thing, but being “liberal” isn’t cool anymore) are good and kind people, they love the poor. Conservatives are bad and nasty, they hate the poor. If we want to reform Medicare, social security, or Medicaid so they don’t go bankrupt next week, we must hate the poor! Want to reduce the size of the 14 trillion dollar federal debt, hate the poor! Shrink the energy department, hate the poor! Democrats are willing to raid the social security trust fund until its empty, keep the poor in perpetual dependency on welfare, and deny the poor educational choice for their children in order to protect the unions. That’s true love.

3) It’s Bush’s fault. Or maybe Eisenhower? How about Coolidge? Now Obama is blaming Mother Nature and bad luck. Oh come on. Bush may have blown some important decisions, but he never had the lack of grace and respect to blame his predecessor and anyone else he could think of. The last three years of the poor economy are the President’s. Obama has replaced “The buck stops here” with “I didn’t do it!”

4) The financial stimulus was not big enough. This is the email that went out last week to the lefty talking heads list:

“If we make the nonsense huge enough, then gullible Americans will think that the enormous amount of taxpayer dollars we threw down the hole was actually ok. Should we try and convince America that it should have been twice as big? Maybe we should go for three times as big? Hell with it, let’s talk the clowns into believing that the stimulus should have been four times bigger. This email is not for general circulation.”

5) The Republican candidates for president are political dwarfs. Really? We have three governors, three long term congressmen including a former speaker of the house, a prior senator, and a corporate CEO who was also a District Federal Reserve chairman. Wasn’t it the Democrats in 2008 who nominated a candidate for president with virtually no qualifications or experience?

6) Democrats are the party of civility (the good guys remember?). That’s why they can call the Tea Party members suicide bombers, terrorists, and racists that “can go straight to hell”. Nice.

7) The Tea Party is Racist. I could argue this by saying that I’ve been at many Tea Party rallies and meetings, and have never seen any racism, and this would be true. However, this one is vicious and makes me too angry for a measured response. These allegations so readily thrown around by liberal/progressives are simply foul, shameful, and libelous. What is truly displayed is a political and intellectual bankruptcy on the part of the left, who have no other response to the differing ideas by a spontaneous political movement of Americans than to throw around what they believe is their most powerful invective. The left has taken to accuse anyone who disagrees with their credo as being racist. Just like the boy who cried wolf, no one is paying attention any longer.

Yes, indeed. The left needs some new material.

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