Sunday, September 20, 2009

Richard Neal, The Gift That Keeps Giving

ACORN! Richard Neal was one of the small group of Congressmen that voted to continue federal funding of Acorn.

Richard, what is it going to take for you to stop giving taxpayer dollars to this organization? They have members being indicted for voter fraud, they have been caught on film helping to create a business plan for importing teen age prostitutes from Central America, and that's not enough for you. How about bank robbery? Piracy on the open seas? What?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Campaign Fund Raising

Running a campaign of this dimension has given me a very different perspective on fund raising and politics. I'm sure I'm like everyone else; getting fund raising solicitations is a nuisance, and I'll usually contribute only when an election is getting close or a news event occurs which infuriates me and then I have to make some kind of statement.

There is a different quality to it on this side of the process. There is pressure early on to raise money . Resources are needed early to build an organization, and develop a workable structure (particularly professional fund raisers). The political world outside your campaign is looking to see if you can raise money as a marker of viability, so that you are worthy of the investment of further contributions and resources. In order to be able to raise money, you first have to raise money.

Later on in the campaign, if you don't have the money to hit the airwaves on television and radio, you are crippled.

I'm getting practice in fund raising, and I am getting much better at it. My experience has been that personal contact is important, and the contributor needs to know not just what you stand for, but also who you are.

I have been concentrating first on getting out through the district and meeting people. I'm very, very happy with how this is going. As people are getting to know me, the support has been growing. The public needs to know that all contributions, no matter how small, help push forward the effort. Large contributions are terrific, but many small contributions add up fast as well.

I can't speak for other candidates, but each time I get a contribution, it reminds me that I have to work as hard as I can and be as good at this as I can be in order to justify the faith that this person has shown in me and the political process. Receiving campaign contributions is encouraging, but it is also sobering.