Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Very Good Day

Saturday October 17: Stumping through district 2 with Charlie Baker, Christy Mihos, and Scott Brown.

First, in Springfield. An excellent event put together by Paul Santaniello and Chanel Prunier for the benefit of the municipal candidates of Springfield. All of the candidates spoke to our core values of the advancement of individual liberty and fiscal responsibility. We all recognize the need to build up local candidates as the foundation of our future success in Massachusetts.

Mary Lou and I made a quick stop to talk to folks at the Harvest Festival on the commons of Sturbridge.

Lastly, a literal barnstormer in Sutton, put on by local committee members Ryan Fattman and Carl Copeland. A very large crowd was present. Besides the candidates for governor, Senate and U.S. Congress, again, a host of local candidates presented.

The Mass Pike got a workout by us that day.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

On the Road

We are barnstorming the district. We started with a meeting of the Wilbraham town committee. As usual, it was rewarding to meet with a great group of people, and the conversation ranged from the construction of a new high school in Wilbraham, to health care reform and government deficits. Thanks for the support, Wibraham.

A new 9/12 group invited Mary Lou and I to Chicopee, and I was the guest speaker at a health care town hall meeting. Richard Neal won't come out in public to talk to the voters, but I will. We spent an hour and a half talking about the health care reform bills in Congress, and the discussion was enthusiastic. People are quite involved.

Next was Sturbridge. Mary Lou and I met with
members of the new town committee from Wales. State Reps. Jeff Perry and Paul Frost were there, as was the prior candidate for Lieut. Governor Reed Hillman. Again, the opportunity was there to meet good people, and a have discussions on important issues.

We then met in Longmeadow with the town committee chaired by Dean Rogeness. Present was his wife, prior State Rep Mary Rogeness. Two members were at the Tea party in Washington DC, and told of the huge number of people who actually attended, a fact not accurately reported in the press. I had the chance to answer questions on my positions on major issues. There were a number of familiar faces present.

Next up, Springfield, Sutton, and East Longmeadow.