Saturday, August 29, 2009

Where's Richard????

Congress is planning a massive overhaul of a key element of our society, all of us may be affected, our ability to decide on our personal health care may be abrogated by a government grab of centralized power, and it will cost the taxpayer One Trillion Dollars. Citizens want to communicate with their representatives.

WHERE'S RICHARD???? (Neal, that is) No town meetings, what's that about? Where are you hiding?

You have to love the 9/12 group. They are performing an vital civic duty for all of us. They won't let these politicians run and hide. I'm talking to members of the group during a demonstration about health care reform outside of Richard Neal's office in Springfield.

Jay and the Giant Peach

This blog is mostly an excuse to post this photo. The Wilbraham Peach Festival, home of the excellent peach pancake and sausage breakfast. This is me with the chief economic strategist of the state Democratic Party (he's the one in the hat).

Mary Lou and I visited both days, and had the chance to talk politics with folks from Wilbraham, Springfield, and Ludlow. Health care reform is the topic, and just as it is everywhere else we've gone, people are not happy with the government's plan to take over 15% of the economy and really screw up our system. Fix what needs to be fixed, and then stay away: nobody wants the government involved in their decision making around our private health care choices.

It doesn't surprise me anymore how very well informed the voting public is.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Are They For Real

Richard Neal and Rep. James McGovern were about to get on talk radio out of Worcester to sell this health care reform bill. I had to pull off the side of the road to listen, as I would soon lose the station. What remarkable spin, deception, and nonsense was coming out of them as they were trying to persuade the voters that the dismantling of the health care system in favor of a government run plan was good for them. I have to wonder if Neal and McGovern really believe what they're saying, or if it is all a cynical political sales pitch with these Dems hoping that the voters just won't notice. As I sat there for the full hour, I tried to call in to the show to counter some of this craziness, but I couldn't get past the busy signal.

You can keep your insurance if you don't want the public plan? Not if your employer drops his/her employees when the costs get too high after ERISA is abolished (large businesses) or when the taxes are raised (small businesses). All that's left...the government plan.

The public plan will compete with the insurance industry to keep it honest? Insurers are already in serious competition with each other. Can they compete with a government plan that doesn't have to make a profit, and doesn't have to worry about losing money because it's tax payer supported?

It's budget neutral? If you believe that 500 billion out of medicare that would have paid for hospital and physician services is budget neutral. What are we going to do in the future when more hospitals disappear and doctors are less accessible, particularly to the elderly?

No rationing? They have clearly indicated that this is the only cost control measure they have considered. Bureaucrats, not you and your doctor, will decide what you get.

People are angry. 85% of Americans like what they have in health care, and these politicians will tear it up because they want government control. You can fix what needs to be fixed a piece at a time, rather than screw up the whole thing for everybody.

Why can't Neal, McGovern, and their buddies get it? The voters do.