Friday, January 22, 2010


The awful spectacle of our government running amok, with the worst of the big government impulses being unchecked, is over, or more accurately on pause. The Scott Brown election showed the stubborn independent streak that had Massachusetts give birth to the American Revolution is still alive. Massachusetts delivered again.

This doesn't change my approach to this campaign at all, as good and often simple approaches to American problems can be found with common sense, the judicious use of the precious dollars Americans give to the government in taxes, and a dedication to our basic freedoms. The government needs to step back and let the peoples ingenuity and hard work allow the economy to recover, and put our people back to work. Stop burying those who come next in a debt that will be a weight around their necks for decades.

Congratulations to Scott Brown, the people of Massachusetts, and our fellow Americans. BUT, this was only Chapter 1. Take a deep breath. The next chapter is to be written in November, 2010.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back for More

Sorry folks, but I have been so busy campaigning that it has been hard to blog. We have been in towns all over the district, at a large variety of events. Fundraising like crazy, and continuing to meet just great people. Folks are just not happy about the continuing craziness in Washington, and people keep coming up to me and telling me that they heard me speak or heard me on the radio, and that they agree with what I'm saying even though they are Democrats. I have never in my life seen the break from reality demonstrated by our current government, and it has to stop before too much economic, security, and social disruption occurs.

Scott Brown's election is one week away...Mary Lou and I have been working his phone bank in Holyoke. There is the hope that if he wins, his presence will slow them down in D.C. until reinforcements get there in November.